MusicaLanguage Presentations

I attended your ‘using music effortlessly’ workshop at the SPA conference and just wanted to let you know that it was by far the BEST part of my week! I absolutely adored all of your songs & the incorporation of articulation and language goals. I use music a lot with my clients (paeds under 4) …your program is just what I have been looking for. …THANK YOU, for providing such a wonderful workshop and developing a fantastic resource. I’m excited to be a Speech Pathologist that can use your products!  …my friend and I were singing your songs the whole way home on the tram (and at the conference dinner!!). Your work is truly wonderful.

Alex Kay, Speech Pathologist, Port Lincoln Health Services, Country Health SA, Government of South Australia

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.  You are an absolute pleasure to listen to …I have been really inspired!

Lauren Clark, Speech Pathologist.  Autism SA

Thank you for the wonderful workshop… the highlight of the conference for me!

Nerida Harris, Speech Pathologist

Several of my colleagues were recently in Adelaide and attended your presentation at the Speech Pathology Conference Australia. They were very impressed and have come away with a lot of ideas and enthusiasm. Obviously your work and your music is highly relevant to the work that we do with our children and we are very interested in learning more…

Janene Hall, Telethon Speech and Hearing WA.

One of the best presentations I have ever attended.

Dallas Scott Pittock, University of Ballarat teacher and Kindergarten teacher

Thank you for a fabulous workshop.  The rest of the staff would love to attend…

Margaret Benincasa, Coordinatior Denzil Don Kindergarten, W, Brunswick, Victoria

…to pass on our appreciation and enjoyment of the evening we spent together! Have had great feedback from participants and also the children in my care have been enjoying all of my new skills!  (music teacher) has already used the resources she purchased and has passed on only good reports.
Jodi Nepean, Inclusion Support Facilitator, Glenelg Shire Council. Vic.

MusicaLanguage and Growing Wtih Music Resources

Our pilot ‘MusicaLanguage’ program, utilising the ‘MusicaLanguage’ and ‘Growing with Music’ series resources, has targeted groups of students across the primary and senior schools at Glenallen School. Glenallen School is a specialist school for students aged 4;8 to 18;0 years who have a physical disability and/or significant health impairment.

This small-group program has been conjointly run by a Speech Pathologist and Music Therapist. The resources are utilised, adapted, modified and augmented to meet the varying needs of the students, who are aged between 7;0 and 16;0 years and present with a range of physical, intellectual and sensory impairments.

It has been rewarding to see the impact of the program and the way that music has been the key to unlocking the door to communication, social interaction, emergent literacy and self-esteem development for many students at Glenallen School.

The students have been active and enthusiastic participants in the program. They have responded well to the use of music to cue and assist their development in the areas of greetings, turn-taking, listening and attending and peer interaction. For some of the students we have targeted their concept development, with noted improvements in their awareness of and response to concepts such as go/stop, fast/slow and up/down. Other students have been encouraged to generate new ideas and develop their use of simple, grammatically correct sentences and questions, whilst others have consolidated their choice-making skills, through the choice and playing of a variety of musical instruments. It has also been very exciting to see the students gradually transferring these skills to other parts of their lives – being able to interact and communicate with their peers and adults in socially appropriate ways and utilising the universal language of music.

Philippa Hillman, Certified Practising Speech Pathologist

Cassandra Liston, Registered Music Therapist

I have used “Growing With Music” for several years and now also “MusicaLanguage” with the children with whom I work both at the Irabena Childhood Autism Service and in my private practice.  The material is very simple to use and the children absolutely love it.  The songs and activities motivate and engage the children and many of them target specific areas of skill development. Recently a three year old child with autism handed the CD to me with the very clear message that he wanted to enjoy his favourite song… the first time he had ever initiated an activity.   I couldn’t recommend this resource more highly to anyone working in speech pathology, early intervention or general early years settings.

Syrena Alford, Speech Pathologist, Vic.

Since my daughters diagnosis with severe apraxia of speech, I am always on the look out for fun ways to support her learning. MusicaLanguage is a blessing. Ella loves it and she is aquiring key speech skills without realizing it. As I’m also a music teacher I also use the program with reception to year 2students with great success. Thank-you Hilary and Beth for such a wonderful resource.

Megan Isaacson, parent and music teacher, South Australia

THANKS for the musicalanguage resources….  sent to Hughenden and Winton (Nth west Qld) where the Prep teachers LOVE it! They shall both be ordering copies.  Such a wonderful resource – congratulations

Katie Whitworth, Speech and Language Pathologist, Early Years, Qld.

Cathchy melodies, varied rhythms, interactive fun with ample repetition to encourage and practise new speech sounds and grammatical structures. Thank you!

Sharon Cowen, Speech Pathologist NSW

… how much the students and I have enjoyed your songs over the years. The clarity, diction and child frendly nature of the collections is outstanding…

Robin Cross,  Early childhood educator, SA

Just wanted to let you know what a thrill it was last week, for Merlyne Cruz and I (formerly of Kookaburra Kindergarten) to attend children’s entrance ceremonies in Japan.  … to promote that the children would be learning English in their classes.  The audience consisted of over 300 children and parents when suddenly we recognized “Turn around and take a bow” (from “Music+Hilary=Fun! – Growing With Music Series) belting out with your voice over the P. A.  system.  It was just fantastic to see all these dear little Japanese children joining in and following the actions. It brought a tear to my eye!

Anne Houthon, Lady Gowrie Centre, Melbourne Vic.

I have enjoyed your CDs,  they are so energized, musical and useful.  Your talent, enthusiam and devotion to the field are paramount.
Don Campbell, Creator and Author of “The Mozart Effect” and “The Mozart Effect for Children” CDs and books.

Comments from Bunbury Early Years Network, WA.

Very enjoyable and hands on; What a great way to spend a Saturday; Excellent; Lots of ideas to use with my class; A wide range of different ways to enhance and extend children’s development through music; Thanks Hilary Great ideas; Very informative and enjoyable thankyou; Phonological awareness can be taught through music; I can do it! … it can be fun and it can be done!;

“Using Music Effortlessly to Help Children Learn” workshop run by Hilary Henshaw and Beverley Joffe was a fun and interactive way to gain practical and motivating activity ideas that could be utilitsed in group programs for children. As an adult, I too seemed to learn better through the use of music and movement!

Danielle Surwald, Senior Speech Pathologist – Paediatric Team, Peninsula Health Speech Pathology Department Vic.

You really are an inspiration and show great confidence in your message which inspires others not to be afraid of music and dancing.

Katie Waterfield, Speech Pathologist

…thank you for the very interesting workshop that two of our staff attended last night.  They both enjoyed it very much and were very enthusiastic about your presentation.

Maureen George (Director, Murdoch University Child Care Centre)