MusicaLanguage Presentations and Workshops


MusicaLanguage dynamic conference presentations and interactive professional development workshops provide clear, relevant information and simple, engaging, fun activities that empower participants to use music to develop young children’s speech, language, communication and musical skills and to build self-esteem, confidence and creativity.  No previous musical experience required!

Focus areas include:

  • Clear articulation

  • Creative language and communication

  • Listening, auditory awareness and discrimination

  • Phonological awareness and vocabulary

  • Rceptive and expressive grammar

  • Musical skills and music appreciation

Audiences and participants include speech pathologists, early intervention specialists, allied health-care professionals, early childhood professionals, child care workers, early primary and music teachers and parents.

Hilary Henshaw’s reputation as an outstanding presenter of Keynote Presentations and Professional Development Workshops for Early childhood professionals, Primary Teachers, child-care workers, students and parents has resulted in her becoming sought after to present both nationally and internationally.  Her action-packed, participative and   entertaining  presentations show every adult, irrespective of prior musical experience, how to enhance young children’s and their own lives with music.

Beverly Joffe is an expert in her field and the Speech Pathology Course Coordinator at Southern Cross University.  The research for her doctorate through the University of Melbourne, investigated multimodal treatment approaches for child speech and language disorders, especially the structured use of music and movement combined with standard treatment strategies.  She coordinated the Music and Movement Programme at the La Trobe Communication Clinic. Her many years of experience as a University lecturer, researcher, clinician and leader in paediatric speech pathology result in regular invitations to share her knowledge and expertise through national and international presentations and workshops.